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l a u g h | Sousuke X Pregnant!Reader [RQ]
For the lovely 
 | l a u g h |
The urge to interrupt him before he had finished was overwhelming. You pressed your thighs together hoping it would help stave off the uncomfortable feeling in your lower abdomen. Your handsome husband remained oblivious as he faced your bump with a picture book in one hand as he read enthusiastically. Once you both found out you were expecting, Sousuke became very adamant on looking after you and your unborn child. Whether it was joining you in prenatal classes, talking to Rin about how his wife's pregnancy was like or massaging your swollen feet and ankles and much more. 
That's it. I can't take it anymore.
    "...and so, the little mermaid-"
Sousuke looks up from the story book and a chuckle escapes his lips. He watches you waddle to the ensuite with your hands already reaching towards them hem of your dress, preparing yourself for the wonders of an empty bladder. After the sound of a flush, your ears perk u
:iconsmtownfanatic:smtownfanatic 479 48
Bendy Drawing By Funtime-F0X7 by Funtime-F0X7 Bendy Drawing By Funtime-F0X7 :iconfuntime-f0x7:Funtime-F0X7 8 32 Halloween Bendy and friends poster by gmRetrolatebloomer Halloween Bendy and friends poster :icongmretrolatebloomer:gmRetrolatebloomer 5 0 Batim comic : Le menteur by MyCreepyDraw Batim comic : Le menteur :iconmycreepydraw:MyCreepyDraw 10 2


by f00rk

What an amazing piece : ' ) I agree with Uniqua. All I ever wanted was to smash Pablo. That yellow child is quite excited such expressi...

Journal History


AT With hottgluegun: Mischeif
hottgluegun , I looove your character's design, she's so cute and playful! I thought she deserved a mischievous pose. Also, I ADORE how you drew my dear Olivier! I hope you like this! ^^

Character credit: hottgluegun
Art credit: OtakuFangirl1200 (ME!)
Bendy - BATIM
Well, if you followed my activity as of recent, you've seen my statement on Bendy.

I just adore his design. It's so classic and stylish.

>I don't own BATIM, but this art piece IS mine.
Okay question: Why do fangirls want to fuck Bendy? Like sure his semi human design is genuinely dashing like wow I'm obsessed with that design (referring to the one shown in the well known Tangled Up animation meme) but this guy is literally just

DISCLAIMER: None of these opinions are stated with the intention of giving the MysMe fandom a bad name, nor am I demonizing/downtalking any part of the fandom. Also SPOILERS MAY BE A RECURRING THEME IN THIS RANT.

I'm tempted to make a YT channel because of this bollocks.
Well, for now, you're stuck with the WALS journal explaining my P.O.V.

Mystic Messenger, am I right?

Heart fluttering romance, tasteful and complex characters, and just the right amount of angst to start crawling in your skin, but these wounds, they will definitely heal.

(Please excuse my terrible reference.)

But let's talk about the fandom.
Gorgeous art, nicely written fanfiction, tasteful and skilled roleplayers, lots of character love...

And hate.

Now, you might be thinking, "What's this joker going on about?"
Hear me out here.

Recently, ever since the silhouette era back in... May? June? (In which Cheritz released a silhouetted character in dashing apparel, and the most intense game of "Who's That Pokémon?" started) There's been a load of spiked animosity towards a certain two debates that have existed in the fandom ever since the first fan completed the secret endings.

The debates being:
"Is Rika Truly Evil?"
and the classic character fight of
"V vs Saeran, Who's Got The Favour?" (Of course Saeran and his brother take the cake by a landslide in many fans' eyes.)

So let me bring up a special post by a user by the alias Jumeow. I'm a tad biased because of the fact that I'm a fan of their statements and views, but that doesn't erase the truth of the matter.

Jumeow leaves fans an especially thought invoking set of questions in the middle of a post (This one:…) on the blame game debate (Who did the bad thing, a V vs Rika debate) :

"Does it really MATTER what kind of fan you are?
Are you a Rika fan? Are you a V fan?
Or are you a Mystic Messenger fan?"

This was a clapback to the drama that's summarized by "Who shall we demonize to appreciate the other?"

It's time to put my two cents into the jar.

Issue Number One: Rika - Angel or Devil in Disguise?
The former... wait no the latter. Or maybe the former? The former is more unrealistic, but the latter is just... erasing everything she did right.
There is no. Simple. Answer.

I'm a biased P.O.S. because of my obsession with V- *ahem*  hold on a sec- (*SCREAMS IN THE BACKGROUND FOR FIVE MINUTES ABOUT THE HANDWRITING SEGMENT IN THE CHRISTMAS DLC etc.*), but that doesn't keep me from appreciating Rika's positive (not redeeming. Definitely not redeeming) traits.

Let's get this out of the way, Rika is no Dahlia Hawthrone. She wasn't a fiend from the beginning, plotting slowly but surely the way to wring the life out of her 'loved' ones.
As much as some fans hate to believe it, Rika was (and in her head, still is) the nicest person she can be.
She originally had good intentions, and those spiralled out of control with her mental illnesses.

Do NOT get me wrong, she did things that were just...
Yeah pretty inexcusable and cruel and flat out EVIL.
But those. Are not. How her intentions were laid out.

I will say it again.
I don't excuse her actions due to her intentions or her illnesses or her past rightdoings.

She's really not that core-evil to begin with.

Of course my thoughts on her forgetting the fact that there are 26 letters in the goddamn alphabet when she was with Jumin in that one VN, AND the handwriting segment (*rage taps the glass wall between me and it* Ay, am I gonna get out anytime soon?) do not change in the slightest. I am still a biased P.O.S. of a V fangirl, and those pre-snap slights are just... infuriating. There, I said it.

Issue Number Two: V vs Saeran - Who Has More Route Favour vs Who Has More Route Potential?
You can already feel my bias burning, don't you?
Well, here's the thing:

V does have more route potential.
Why, you may ask?

Because his story hasn't really been... told, fully. Saeran's has been told through both 707's route and the secret endings, whereas we know very, very little about V, to be honest. Let's go back... about ten months, shall we? December 2016, the Christmas DLC for Mystic Messenger was playable, and there were quite a few notable parts of that little event.

1.Your ability to openly flirt with V (which echoes into the idea that Cheritz was introducing the idea of romancing the blind babe).
2.You getting a possible ending with Saeran.
3.Jumin's implication about something to do with V's mother.
+ More, but we'd be here all day if we listed them all.

A quote from V's Wiki page:
"Not much is known about him because he is known to be very secretive. V and Jumin have known each other since childhood for 20 years due to him being neglected by his family during his younger days."

This shows that there is much more story to this man that hasn't been told.

Another thing that could come out of V's route: Finding out Rika's real name.

Now, here's the thing, who has more favour between V and Saeran?:
Well, we all know the answer here.

The Choi twins are the pinnacle of popularity in the MysMe fandom, and that'll probably never change... unless something drastic shifts in fandom opinion.

(Buuut, just a cute fun fact: In a recent poll I found on the Amino community, V is viewed as the one with the most potential as a parent out of the underrated side character trio (Vanderwood, Saeran & V. I'm not surprised, considering the conditions surrounding the occupations, personalities, and basic values of the other two).)

Well, that's covered. Now for my closing statement:
Things are gonna get crazy.

But... let's avoid any more drama, m'kay? It's ridiculous.


-The Lizard
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  • Eating: Kinder Bueno and possibly Caramilk
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The Lizard
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Me, Basically: I'm your average Otaku. I wear my emotions on my sleeve and don't care what people think. One key thing: I am trash for 99% if not 100% of all of the fandoms I'm in.
I own a body pillow of Eren Jaeger and more than eighteen posters, only four of which aren't anime related (a little excessive, aren't we?). I have an aspiration to become an author and am planning on going to college/university/both for this passion and dream of mine to come true.

My biggest interests nowadays: Ace Attorney, Yuri!!! On Ice, Hunter x Hunter, Tokyo Ghoul, Undertale, music from the YouTube channels Proximity, Trap Nation, and also music by MATD and Owl City, building my own world using the tag #OTKFGLWORLD , and chocolate pocky.

I have three 'alter-egos' that I enjoy depicting as separate parts of my artistic/creative side for fun: Devina, my professional (kinda) author persona, Lizard, my true persona, and Rowena, my budding artist persona that I made in middle school.

(Oh yeah, and I have an ask blog for my original fiction characters and OCs. Don't hesitate to ask my characters something! ^-^ )



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